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Bear 100 Routes

Choose wisely: Laona Rescue will be providing support until 7PM. If you are not very confident of finishing before then, you should choose a shorter route.

18-mile - Friday pre-ride route. New this year...a great way to stretch your legs and check out current conditions. Also perfect for young riders not up to the 31-mile route just yet. This route starts and finishes in Blackwell and is unsupported.

Route details: 2024 Bear 18-mile clockwise · Ride with GPS

31-mile - The "Honey Bear" is great for junior riders, the gravel curious, or anyone looking for a little shorter adventure. Features the non-motorized Rat River Trail.

Route details:  Routes · Ride with GPS

58-mile - New this year, a perfect step up from the Honey Bear, includes 3 miles of easy single-track on the Strong Fall Trails.

Route details:  Routes · Ride with GPS

77-mile - This route features the best of the original Bear 100k route plus 3 miles of easy single-track, and the infamous Deer Lake Cut-off Road rutty two-track. 

Route details:  Routes · Ride with GPS

111-mile - A deep dive into the Nicolet National Forest. Varied conditions including sand, 3 miles of easy single-track, the rutty two-track, etc. A true test of your early season grit and fitness.  

Route details:  2024 Bear 111-mile revised · Ride with GPS

We are partnering with Marinette County to use 3 miles of EASY single-track on the new Strong Falls Trail system. The single-track was a big hit during last fall's Hibernator 100...Thanks Strong Falls!






***Final routes may vary depending on spring conditions***

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