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The Laona Rescue Squad


The Laona Rescue Squad is a non-profit ambulance service established in 1974 made up of 6 volunteer EMTs, 15 paid EMTs/paramedics/RNs, and 6 drivers. They serve 6 townships with a population of about 3800 regular residents. The population surges during different parts of the year as the "snowbirds" return to the Nicolet National Forest. Their service area covers approximately 405 square miles, and they respond to an average of 500 calls per year. 



Their location presents a variety of challenges because over 80% of their service area is non-taxable due to the forest, leaving approximately 15% of the land mass as taxable property. Tax payor funding is slim making purchasing new equipment, providing balanced wages, recruiting and retention ongoing challenges.  


Your Impact

This recently opened rescue squad building is Laona Rescue's new home and will allow them to better serve their community. The dollars you donate help provide the supplies, equipment and training to ensure that have the tools and expertise necessary to save lives throughout their community. 

Thank you for your support!

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